Digestive Enzyme Product Comparisons

To compare digestive enzymes... we must first understand what makes a digestive enzyme formulation great. Since 95% of the food we eat are proteins, carbohydrates and fats... a great formulation will be well rounded in protease (to digest protein), amylase (to digest carbohydrates) and lipase (to digest fats). Take lipase for example: 500 LU of lipase will break down approximately 4 grams of fat. "The Health Nuts Ultimate Enzymes" has 5000 LU of lipase and can help break down 40 grams of fat. Two capsules can help break down 80 grams of fat. Having a digestive enzyme that is capable of helping digest the food we are eating is most desirable and will give you more benefits. Companies with low amounts of lipase aren't addressing the problems people have with undigested fats.

The Enzyme Comparison Chart shows different enzyme products from network marketing companies and enzyme products from health food stores. Look closely at the amount of protease, amylase and lipase in the formulations. The last column shows what it would cost you to buy 270 capsules. The companies listed have their enzymes labeled in the FCC (Food Chemical Codex). This labeling certifies that the enzymes have been thoroughly tested for activity and potency. Potency is expressed in units of activity - not by weight. The units of activity are based on the Food Chemical Codex, set forth by the National Academy of Sciences and accepted by the American food industry. When you look at the labeling on an enzyme bottle... HUT for Protease, SKB or DU for Amylase, LU or FIP for Lipase.

FCC labeling example: If Product # 1 has 15,000 HUT of Protease and Product # 2 has 45,000 HUT of Protease. Product #2 can break down 3 times more protein than Product # 1... and this fact is what makes it easy to compare digestive enzyme formulations.

The list below shows many companies that don't even have a digestive enzyme, companies that list their enzymes in milligrams and companies that do not show you what's in their formulation. The only way to know if your getting enough digestive help is to see the enzymes listed in the FCC labeling. Many people have gotten good results with lower amounts of enzymes, but with "The Health Nuts Ultimate Enzymes" you'll get specific amounts needed to do a complete job of digestion, cleaning up the blood and taking a huge burden off the immune system. Getting just a little help is not what "The Health Nuts" is about... we want to make sure you get enough help to really improve the way your body functions.

Network Marketing Companies Without Digestive Enzymes:

Achievers Unlimited Aladdin Magic BioSynergy Health
Body Wise Brain Garden Dynamic Essentials
Earth Angels Electrum International Essentially Yours
Health Voyage Herbalife Herbatrol
Immunotec Integris Intelligent Nutrients
KareMor Legacy USA
LeNaturel International Life Force Lifescience Technologies
Longevity Network Malibu Naturals Mannatech
Market America Melaleuca Morinda
Natural Bodylines NeuroGenesis New Image International
NuSkin International Oasis Wellness
Omnitrition Oragen Rachael International
Reliv International Scriptures Southern Heritage
Starlight International Starmax Streamline International
Sunrider Symmetry Trim International
Usana VitalLife 2000 Voyager
Wellness Int. Network

Digestive enzymes with no protease, amylase or lipase:

Amazon Herb Company American Longevity Life Plus (has lipase)
Metabolife Natures Sunshine Rainforest

Most use animal enzymes that are less effective. Note: Wobenzyme is a highly rated enzyme by many but in reality it can't touch a good plant digestive enzyme product. Plant Enzymes are the most effective and very safe to take.

Companies that don't show the actual ingredients within their enzyme formulation:

American Marketing Systems AIM Freelife
Health Thru Nutrition Heritage Health Neways
New Vision Young Living Essential Oils

The only way you're going to know if the enzyme product you're taking is capable of helping a lot or enough... is to see the actual ingredients listed in activity and potency. Chart #1 is a good indication of what most companies put into their digestive enzymes

Companies listing enzymes in USP or made up units:

Natures Rx Starfire International Viva Life Science

Companies listing enzymes in milligrams:

American Longevity Life Plus Natures Sunshine
Nu Creations Quixtar Trek Alliance
Vitamin Power Watkins Wobenzyme

Enzymes listed in milligrams tell you absolutely nothing about activity and potency... to know if you have a product that can actually help restore your health, you have to know the FCC activity and potency to know whether you are getting just a little help or plenty of help digesting your food.

Most companies and individuals haven't been educated as to the importance of improving digestion. Dr. Edward Howell has done more than 50 years of enzyme research and is regarded as the father of enzyme research. His research has opened the eyes of many and according to Dr. Howell most physical problems and disease can be traced directly back to the source of the problems... which is improperly digested foods. When you start digesting your food better... you give your body the opportunity to function a lot better. Improving digestion and cleaning up the blood replaces two negative situations with two positives... and this makes it possible for the body to function the way it should.

Digestive Enzyme Comparison Chart

Fact... 95% of the food we eat is protein, carbohydrate and fat. Protease digests proteins. Amylase digests carbohydrates. Lipase digests fats. It only makes sense to have a well-rounded enzyme formulation with a sufficient amount of protease, amylase and lipase... this is the first step toward better health!

Protease Amylase Lipase
270 Cap. Price
4Life Research
8,000 4,500 140 60 $17.50 $78.75
Awareness Corp.
17,000 8,000 300 30 $19.51 $175.59
Cell Tech
16.500 5,750 150 180 $40.00 $60.00
Changes Int.
10,200 3,400 2,250 90 $21.75 $65.25
10,000 3,000 24 90 $21.70 $65.10
15,000 4,000 100 90 $32.95 $98.85
For Mor
272 2,720 1,800 90 $21.50 $64.50
Healing America
33,000 8,800 4,400 90 $22.00 $66.00
Infinity 2
10,000 3,000 24 90 $20.98 $62.94
11,000 3,400 2,250 90 $27.00 $81.00
14.000 3,000 100 90 $22.50 $67.50
Nurt Harmony
95,000 1,000 600 90 $26.99 $80.97
Nutrition 4 Life
6,500 2,000 1,200 90 $22.50 $67.50
Natural Trends
75,000 8,000 500 90 $25.00 $75.00
11,500 5,000 75 90 $22.00 $66.00
Quest IV Health
75,000 8,000 500 90 $25.00 $75.00
18,250 5,000 60 90 $18.00 $54.00
Renaissance 4 Life
18,000 6,000 200 90 $34.00 $102.00
100 750 2,400 90 $12.00 $36.00
RGarden Int.
20,000 6,200 176 180 $30.00 $45.00
Royal Body Care
38,500 6,000 50 90 $26.00 $78.00
12,500 2,000 150 30 $16.95 $152.55
The Health Nuts
75,000 15,000 5,000 270 $45.00 $45.00
The Right Solution
33,000 8,800 4,400 90 $22.00 $66.00
TriVita Way Int.
0 2,500 75 90 $29.99 $89.97
Vision for Life
17,500 6,000 200 90 $28.00 $84.00
THN Multi Vitamin
9,375 1,875 650 120 $30.00
4 capsules daily
37,500 7,500 2,600
This is great enzyme delivery system and a great nutritional product.

Health Food Store Digestive Enzymes

Protease Amylase Lipase Capsules
270 Cap Price
12,000 4,200 24 100 $19.29 $52.08
Udo's Choice
12,500 5,000 100 90 $18,95 $56.85
12,000 2,500 100 180 $24.95 $37.43
Enzymedica Digest
39,925 6,100 160 90 $18.36 $55.08
PowerPlus Enzymes
26,000 20,000 375 200 $34.95 $47.20
12,000 5,000 2,000 90 $25.00 $75.00
0 8,316 1,145 300 $49.95 $44.96
15,050 625 120 90 $12.48 $37.44
Plant Enzymes
12,500 2,500 60 60 $8.90 $40.05
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